Sussex Caring Pets Patrons & Chair

rosSussex Caring Pets Supporter Volunteer and Patron Ros Norledge (B.Vet.Med.M.R.C.V.S.) with her own dog.

I have always valued the love, interaction and comfort I have received from my pets. I cannot imagine my life without a faithful friend to wag its tail when I return home and share long walks and treats with.

Having been a qualified vet for nearly 22 years, I am still in the fortunate position of spending my days helping other people’s pets – be that cuddling new puppies & kittens or easing illness and pain in the older generation.

It is because of these wonderful feelings that animals evoke in us that I feel Sussex Caring Pets is so important. I have been involved with the charity since its early days, firstly through one of my nurses Fee, who was involved in the original set up. Hearing about the charity, the work it does, and Fee’s descriptions of the joy she has seen when visiting children in hospital with her therapy support dog Nobby, I knew I wanted to help.

Subsequently, I have been able to offer free vaccinations and microchips to all Sussex Caring Pets registered therapy support dogs and cats, and discounts on other treatments, so we can help keep them well and visiting all the people that value them so much.

As a person who cannot imagine life without a pet, I think it’s wonderful that our Sussex Caring Pets volunteers share their valued friends with those who benefit so much from this valuable contact with animals.